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Name:Antillar Maximus
Birthdate:Jan 24
Antillar Maximus, who generally goes by "Max" because it's so much easier to say, is a tall, well-muscled man in his 20s. He's not precisely handsome, but he has clean-cut features and expressive gray eyes which, when combined with his powerful build and oddly graceful way of moving, women seem to find alluring.

His close-cut hair and perpetually cleanly shaven face are hold-overs from his years in the Legions. He's generally armed with a short sword at his hip, and he carries himself like a man who's an expert in its use.

While he's a deadly man, and makes little attempt to hide it, most of Max's time is spent having fun. Drinking, gambling, and trying to talk any woman who catches his eye into "getting to know him a bit better".

Two things of note here. First, Max is an incredibly strong Furycrafter. He's basically a master of elemental magic and can manipulate elements directly. Further he can draw on the power of the elements directly so that he can become incredibly strong and go days without sleep and change his appearance and heal injuries. He doesn't use these skills all that often unless they'll help him wring some extra enjoyment out of something. When pressed, however, he is a dangerous man.

Second, Max really is an outrageous flirt and he has no problem with casual sex. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that as part of his furycrafting abilities he can heighten other people's levels of sexual desire. For in-bar purposes it should be assumed that he won't do this without some sort of encouragement, but it won't necessarily be direct encouragement. If there are problems with this, do ping me or email me or something.

Antillar Maximus is from The Codex Alera, and is the property of Jim Butcher. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Max is played by [info]rushin_doll and his PB is Randy Orton
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